Avalanche Get Delayed On Tarmac In St.Louis

Avalanche Tarmac
Photo via twitter @avalanche

As if things couldn’t get any worse on Monday night the Colorado Avalanche were delayed on the tarmac in St.Louis. Everything seemed normal as the Avs boarded the Air Canada plane on there way to Chicago.

The teams twitter account routinely provides updates to fans about what the menu on the flight will be. Nothing was different for this flight either, but after a few hours they tweeted out that they still haven’t left St.Louis.

That’s when the jokes started flying in. The most notable response to the tweet was from the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers twitter account graciously mentioned that they seen them sitting in the tarmac when they landed in St.Louis. 

During the time while they were in the tarmac it isn’t clear if the Avs players had anything to eat. The menu which was posted on twitter included a selection of beverages, assorted snacks and chicken wings.


Avalanche Menu
Photo via twitter @avalanche

It wasn’t until actually 5:00 a.m. EST that the team tweeted that they were off. When they landed in Chicago they also gave notice to their fans that they had arrived in Chicago. 

No explanation was given by the team to fans to explain the delay. However this may be welcome news to the Blackhawks. They haven’t been very good this year and facing a good Colorado team with a disrupted sleep schedule may be a benefit to them.

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Another bright note might be for gamblers. The disrupted sleep schedule may factor in to how some make their bets for Wednesday evenings matchup. can this give Chicago a little edge as the Blackhawks take on the Avalanche on Wednesday evening at the United Centre in Chicago? Only time will tell. 

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