Auston Matthews Takes Heat Off Team By Calling Out Reporter

Auston Matthews Disorderly Conduct

Let’s get this straight because something doesn’t sit right here. Auston Matthews is suddenly mad at Toronto Sun reporter Steve Simmons for reporting that Matthews had tested positive for COVID-19.

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The Toronto Maple Leaf star didn’t mince words after the Leafs 2-0 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday evening. When asked by Simmons about the tight checking style of the Blue Jackets Matthews responded with a cheeky answer about how he didn’t appreciate Simmons writing a story about the positive COVID-19 test.

This is where something doesn’t sit right. The Toronto Sun isn’t even in the top search results if you were to search Auston Matthews disorderly conduct in google. Those are the charges Matthews was dismissed on earlier last year. The thing is you kind of have to search for a story about it by Steve Simmons.

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However there is one article that comes from Simmons regarding the Leafs Captaincy and is titled SIMMONS: Will Matthews’ stupidity and entitlement cost him Leafs captaincy?.

With all that said, was this just a ploy by Matthews to take the heat or pressure off the Leafs? By falling a game to the Columbus Blue Jackets in a best 3 out of 5 series he had to have known that they were going to be put under the microscope. After all, this is what playing in Toronto is all about. Should you lose big games then the media pounces, but not when you turn it back on them.

Should have the Toronto Sun reporter spilled the beans about Matthews and his COVID-19? It’s news worthy in a pandemic for the Toronto Maple Leafs alternate captain to test positive for a disease that is ravaging the world. Should Auston Matthews refuse to answer the question about the tight checking game of the Blue Jackets? It was a perfect deflection that will be the headline instead of the Toronto Maple Leafs dismal goalless showing.

In the long run if the Leafs can turn it around and make a series comeback against the Blue Jackets then Auston Matthews calling out the Toronto Sun reporter will have been worth it. However, those calling for Steve Simmons to lose his press pass for reporting on Matthews COVID are completely off the deep end. The press aren’t there to be cheerleaders, that’s what blogs are for.

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