Alexander Kerfoot gets 2 games and Leafs fans are pissed

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Toronto Maple Leafs fans have gone absolutely mad when the NHL Player Safety department announced Alexander Kerfoot would get 2 games. The former Colorado Avalanche hit Erik Johnson into the boards from behind and could have broke his neck.

Fortunately for the young Colorado Avalanche he had the reaction to spin his body at the last second and avoid what could have been a career ending hit. Despite the severity of what the consequences of the hit could have brought, Leafs fans were enraged on Twitter Monday afternoon.

The nasty hit and suspension came on the heals of the St.Louis Blues Robert Bortuzzo’s cross check that landed him 4 games and a bunch of cash. The two incidents have enraged a bunch of twitter meat heads that are calling the Leafs players suspension a slap in the face. Not only are they mad but they are trying to justify it by a bit of whatboutism.

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The whataboutism they are talking about is the nasty hit that Brad Marchand delivered in the same day but didn’t get a peep out of the NHL Player Safety Department.

Nonetheless the Leafs Kerfoot is basically not a dirty hockey player but at the end of the day such a careless act should be punishable by something a lot more stiffer than 2 games. When you cross check someone from behind and the player hasn’t turned his back to you then you are basically playing Russian Roulette with that players career.

Every minor hockey player in Canada learns not to hit like that from a very young age. They also all have stop signs on the back of the jerseys because it is such a dangerous act.

With all that said Leafs fans in their blindness still insist either the league is out to get them or the rules just shouldn’t apply to them. Take a look at some of the wild tweets made Monday.

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