5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sean Burke

Sean Burke is one of the great goaltending stories in the NHL. We are sure that these are 5 things you didn’t know about Sean Burke. 

Recently Sean did a Spittin’ Chiclets podcast that really blew us away. He came of as very genuine and knowledgeable about the game and revealed a number of things you may not have known.

Hell, we didn’t know a ton of stuff about him before the podcast. Burke was a legend in his time and we hope you enjoy learning some things you didn’t know about him.

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From a kid growing up in Toronto to a goalie playing for Team Canada and in the NHL. Many people don’t know the full story of the man behind the goalie mask. 

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sean Burke

  • Sean grew up in a home with a father who’s job was to bet on horses. 
  • Burke played 18 season in the NHL and was drafted in the second round 24th over all.
  • Burke worked with Don Cherry and stole his notes. He says Cherry writes down people’s names incorrectly on purpose. 
  • Sean played for Philadelphia 2 separate times and Sean Burke believes that the Philadelphia and are so negative and are the most difficult fans. Sean believes the fans get pleasure out of making the athletes miserable. In a game against Chicago where they had won a fan started yelling at Sean Burke and then Sean Burke yelled at the fan what’s your problem we won 3-1 and the fan yelled back that it was a horrible goal that you gave up. 
  • Sean Burke played with Claude Lemieux in New Jersey and Phoenix Coyotes. While playing with Claude Lemieux in New Jersey he use to ride to the rink with him. 

These 5 things are what we found interesting and something that many people may not have known.

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