35 Gifts For Any Hockey Mom This Easter

Easter is just around the corner and we feel hockey moms aren’t given the due they deserve. Show your mom some love with one of these 35 gifts for any hockey mom this Easter.

You may be a hockey mom yourself and wanting to indulge in some gifts that show the world how proud of your little munchkin you are. Being a hockey mom is a tough job. You are at the arena in the early morning and on the road sacrificing your weekends to sit in an arena with people you would never have hung out with in your life.

This list of Hockey Mom paraphernalia is exactly what you need.

Hockey Mom Mug

Every hockey mom knows waking up at 5:00 am to go to a rink in the freezing cold winter sucks. What makes it all worth it is the smile on your young child’s face as they hit the ice. Wake up and put a smile on your face, as well, with this coffee mug. You are a Hockey Mom!

Hockey Mom Life Shirt

Living that hockey mom life never looked so good! When going into that cold arena you will want to have some long sleeves under your winter coat. This shirt will make a statement that you are loving and living the hockey mom life.

Get Me Some Wine Socks

If You Can Read This Bring Me A Glass Of Wine. What better way to let the other hockey moms know that you are totally chill. Whether you are at a hotel on a tournament or sitting in your recroom watching the big game, you will want to let them all know you want them to get you a glass of wine.

Hockey Mom Book by NHL Hockey Mom

Hockey Mom – The wife of former NHL player Todd Bertuzzi lets you know what the deal really is. Every hockey mom will want to read this. Not to mention, eery hockey mom has time to read this while at the rink, as well. You can take the season to read this book during warm ups, intermissions and while your kid is getting changed. Enjoy.

Hockey Mom Jewelry

Who doesn’t love this? Every hockey mom will love to show off her charm bracelet to the other hockey moms. Let her know you love her this Easter with this piece of jewelry. She will love you during spring time tryouts.

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Tote Bag For Hockey Mom

Keep your hockey mom calm this spring. Her new purse will be the envy of all other hockey moms. If you’re a goalie mom you will especially need this because, lets face it, you are not keeping calm.

Hockey Mom Drink Cup

Travel mug for those cold, early, winter mornings that are spent at the arena. All she or you need to do is fill it with Bailey’s and put on a smile. Your hockey mom will love the travel mug and it will keep her coffee or hot chocolate warm, too!

Hockey Mom Hoodie

Hockey Mom Hoodie. This hoodie is perfect when waiting around in the lobby of a hotel. It is also amazing to keep you warm in those cold arenas. You will also be the envy of all other hockey moms on the team bus while you ride your way to your next out of town tournament.

Hockey T-Shirt

You can’t because you don’t want to. With all kidding aside, you know that you are swamped and probably only know what time and location to be at. When the hockey season rolls around and you spend 4-7 days a week in an arena you probably don’t know what day it is.

Hockey Mom Hat

When it is 5:00 am and you have to spring out of bed, you will need a hat. Your alarm may have went off late or you just might not care. You will put your hockey mom hat on and prance out that door to the arena.

Hockey Mom Travel Mug

Another travel mug but a different style. This mug will also make you the talk of the arena. All the other hockey moms will ask you where you got it and you will tell them – GoalHorn.com.

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Hockey Mom Hoodie

You never want to underestimate the pride of a hockey mom. You better not say anything to her if her son or daughter lets in a softie, either. You would be surprised how fast fan brawls can start.

Children’s Book

Another great book that you will enjoy reading and sharing with your pals at the rink. This book includes wacky stories and jokes with the life of a hockey mom in the balance. You will enjoy this and so will everyone else.

Hockey Mom Sweater/Hoodie

Let the world know that you don’t care who knows your little hockey star stole your heart. Your little hockey star may have stole you heart but when he is a little older you may have to move over because he will be stealing many hearts.

Hockey Mom Weekly Planner

The weekly planner. This weekly planner will be a perfect edition to help you plan your schedule during the busy winter months. Lucky for you with summer hockey, you will need this 12 months a year.


Let everyone on the road know why you are driving like a madman…or a hockey mom. This is a perfect little sticker to paste on your rear window for those emergencies when the cops pull you over on your way to the arena. Ah, the hockey mom, you need a police escort.

Charm Bracelet

Another beauty little charm bracelet. This would go good with one of the hoodies on our list. You can order both and save on shipping!

Hockey Mom Tree Ornament

Hang this ornament on your Christmas Tree with pride. Let Santa know when he drops off those new skates that this hockey mom appreciates it.

Hockey Mom Sweater

I don’t know, but I’m sure it is not every woman’s dream to grow up a hockey mom. You may never have dreamed it but you sure do love it. You can let the others know you are killing it at the rink, on and off the ice.

Hockey Mom Socks

Hockey mom socks. Like the other socks you have that want you to get people to get you wine. These hockey socks will send a statement at the rink, hotel, recroom or anywhere else for that matter. You are a hockey mom, embrace it!

Hockey Mom Pendant

This sterling silver hockey mom pendant is a beautiful gift to give to any hockey mom. As a hockey player you probably don’t have that much cash on hand. Considering the time you spend improving your game on and off the ice. Your favourite fan will understand and live this little gift.

Hockey Mom Bag

Yes. Like a real mom but cooler. You will be the envy of the rink with this amazing bag. You can show it off to your friends outside the rink and make them wish they had to wake up at 5:00 am to go to a smelly locker room.

Hockey Mom Wine Glass

Well this stemless wine glass is perfect for the out of towners. You can walk through that hotel lobby all lit up without a care in the world. The other hockey moms will be jealous of your brazen disregard for caring. They will love you for it.

Hockey Mom Book

You may be broke but you are not alone. There are plenty of other hockey moms to share in your misery of buying hockey skates instead of a new purse. This book will let you write down everything and if your kid hits the lottery and becomes pro, just give it to them.

Hockey Mom Sweater

Here you go. Perfect for the Spring time in the arena. Long sleeves but not thick. You know its almost easter and its just a little bit hotter in that arena. Also your son or daughter will be sweating enough on the ice that you don’t need to be joining them in the stands. You don’t get to shower at the arena after the game. Wear something light and enjoy.

Hockey Mom Sweater/Hoodie

WARNING! You do yell loud and you don’t care who knows it. You will be thankful you let those other parents know before choosing your seat in the stands. You will love this hoody too.

Hockey Mom Bracelet

Lets face it, if you are a hockey player wanting to get your mom something, this is it. She will know you couldn’t have made it but she will love that you could have if you weren’t at the rink 40 hours a week. Ladies you will smile at each other knowing the deal.

Hockey Mom Make-up Bag

When you are on the road most of the winter staying in hotels you will need something for your makeup and lipstick and chapstick. This cosmetic bag is for the hockey mom that wants to be dolled up at the rink. She may be out of town and on the loose. Go get her this she will love you.

Hockey Mom Tote Bag

Hockey mom tote bag. This thing is perfect to stuff candy and treats in for your little guy after the game. This is also the greatest thing in the world if you wanna bring a jug of home brew into the arena. No one will question it because the bag says Hockey Mom.

Keep Calm I’m A Hockey Mom Socks

Keep Calm I’m A Hockey Mom. Subtle, distinct, perfect. Your hockey mom will enjoy keeping her feet warm in these.

Hockey Mom Dishes

When she can’t afford to eat because you need new skates make sure she is reminded every time she looks down at the plate. This will make her so happy to see she is uncovering the hockey mom. Now that’s funny.

Hockey Mom Movie

What every hockey mom needs is a movie about a hockey mom. To be honest we really aren’t sure what this movie is about. Has a good name on it though.

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Hockey Mom PJ’s

The Hockey Mom PJ set. You will love these when you are away on a tournament and relaxing in the lounge with the other hockey moms. You will be the envy and they will all be jealous. These pj’s will make be great for you and your ego.

Hockey Mom Cell Phone Case

This cell phone case is so durable you could smash your phone on the ground after a tough loss and still have a beauty phone. You will be happy you got this case. You have a cell phone case now, but why not upgrade it to this Hockey Mom cell phone case.

Hockey Mom Tuque

Keep warm in this stylish winter hat. You will be the only one in the stands smart enough to keep those ears cold. You also won’t want to chance it on the road in can arena you have never been. Some of those out of town arenas are cold as the arctic. You know what I’m talking about, you’re a hockey mom.

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